How would you like to be the “one who wrote the book on” your market or niche?

It’s actually a lot easier, and faster, than you might think to accomplish this – especially with the help of a professional ghostwriter who has more than 27 years of experience in the insurance industry.

When you’re the author of a book, you suddenly become much more than just a “sales person.” Rather, you become viewed as a trusted authority. Potential clients see meeting with you as a good opportunity to discuss options that can truly help them.

A Book is Better Than Any Other Marketing Tool

This is particularly the case for insurance and financial advisors. That’s because a book can position you in a way that nothing else can.

No longer are you “selling,” but rather you are providing people with valuable information. Compare this with any other type of marketing material that you – or your competition – may use to generate leads.

In fact, one of the most clear cut benchmarks of an expert is that an advisor is the author of a book.

Not a brochure or a piece of sales literature – but a book.

Books can even erase many of a potential customer’s initial doubts about working with you, and replace them with trust and respect. 

How different would your business be if you were the author of a book?