Pre-Written Content

Coming Soon!

Shop our pre-written books, reports, whitepapers, and other advisor content so that you instantly have items available for prospects and clients.

Have us customize the Author page, so that you can provide books and other authority pieces that showcase you as the expert on one topic, or many.

How would your business benefit if you could educate prospects, knock down objections, and answer questions to multiple clients and prospects all at the same time – without you even being there.

Why take months (or years) of time writing your own book, or pay someone else thousands of dollars to do it for you, when you can have something tangible and informational to use as a lead magnet, an educational piece, or even as a substitute for a first appointment.

When people perceive you as the expert, they are oftentimes ready and willing to take the next step and work with you right away.

Can a business card or brochure do that??

Our ready-to-go books and other content pieces will include topics such as:

  • Annuities
  • Indexed Annuities
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Social Security
  • Life Insurance
  • Life Settlements
  • Identity Theft Insurance

Check back soon, or Contact Us for more details.