Why a Book?

Have you ever read a book where you felt like the author was speaking directly to you?

What if you could offer something like that in your business – where you could reach out to prospective clients and provide helpful information that would bring them willingly into your door, seeking more of your advice, product, or services, without you having to go out and get them?

Your business card can’t do that. And your sales brochure typically shouts just exactly that – SALES!

But having a book is a completely different story.

According to Insurance News Net, using a book for customer lead generation can out-perform a free report, as well as a free 30-minute consultation.

What Can a Book Do For You?

As the author of a book, you are seen as much more than just a sales person who is trying to push products. You are instead perceived as an expert in your field.

Whereas potential clients may have initially pushed aside your invitations to meet, they now see them has a opportunity to discuss options with a trusted advisor.

Books can also help to fill in the “gaps” for those who need more information before buying – and they can help to cement the trust between you and your buyers. In many ways, books can become the subliminal sales tool that drive people directly into your office to see you.

You can also use the content from your book in other ways, too. For example, once your book is complete, the information in it could be used as:

  • Content for articles in trade publications
  • Industry related blog posts
  • The foundation for your website or online landing page(s)
  • A method of getting free publicity and media coverage
  • The basis for expert interviews

How will your business grow because of your book?